Thursday, August 9, 2012

Labrador Blue

Turner needed a big boy room.... bad.
He turned 3 years old in April.
You may think we are crazy, but we went with a
queen size bed for him.  He's gonna be a big boy some day, literally.
And he's known to be our whoever tucks him
in can enjoy that time in a big bed.

Of course, I scoured Pinterest for some help.

Here's what we did...

The color on the walls is "Labrador Blue".

And yes, you have seen that painting before. It poses as a
pseudo headboard...I had it in my entryway and
I never loved it there.

And since the boy is into trains...

...we had to get him this...even tho I am not a fan
of toys in kid's rooms.

I plan on doing something with these...and I had thought I would
pair them with antlers...but maybe I missed the boat?!?!
Is the antler trend over?

Well, we need something on the walls.

Maybe this?

Either way...when I asked Turner if he liked his room
he did lots of  this....

Boys are so easy...

...Almost forgot!  We witnessed the birth of 12 baby goldfish
today!  Lots of questions about babies and cha-cha's.
{That's what we call vagina's in this house. Wow, never thought
that word would make the blog.}

Can you see them?  They are sooo tiny!



Team Tyson said...

Luke is in a queen too!

Mary Timmers said...

I am so glad you rescued the mama and her babies. The moms don't eat them do they? Love your post!