Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rockin' Wedding

Doesn't every bride want this on her wedding day?
Of course, without the fear that her groom will find her
too heavy and topple over.

We attended a special wedding last weekend.
And the kids are of the age that it "works".

They can run around on the dance floor.
Eat all the cake they want.
Leave us alone a bit.

I wore this dress to two different weddings,
that's a good cost per wear ratio right?
It's from the Gap, and frankly, I think it would be great 
bridesmaid dress.

I'm gonna do more pics, less words.....here we go...

 {Turner was grumpy, he wanted gum.}

 The couple did a unity painting instead of a candle, cool huh?

 Ah snap, this could be our Christmas card!

 Look who caught the bouquet!

Congrats Ashley and Elliot!

All because two people fell in love....



Kiley Marissa said...

I loved being able to second shoot with Nealy! Ashley and Elliot are soo cute! I can't wait to share my pictures. :) Your kids are getting so big!! Cuties.

Mary Timmers said...

All of you look great! It would make a good Christmas card. See, it's done! Don't you love not having to lug those babies and their equipment around? Great post!!

Rebecca Gonnella said...

Tatums little pink polished hand in Brandon's...Melt. My. Heart
Beautiful family whom I miss something fierce!
Love, Becca