Thursday, June 2, 2011

By Golly! I found it!

Remember last month when I posted about collections?

And I told the world how I was thinking about starting one of my own
but had no idea what to collect?

I found the perfect thing for me to collect, 
it makes me excited for the hunt and it fits
my personality so very, very well.

It all happened by accident, but the more
I think about was right under my nose for a long time.

I am starting a collection of pillboxes.
The couple I came upon are so glam, fun and full of color.
They also fulfill my love of warm weather vacations.....take a look!

...a blingy octopus...

...and a blingy tropical fish...

They are functional as well, they open to hold pills...
of course I won't use them for that.

These babies are for looks only!

And because I used to be a drug dealer
{pharmaceutical sales rep} I think it's 
kind of a quirky idea for me to have a pillbox collection!

However, there is one problem.
I need to store them eventually in a proper glass case.
Because, when I was photographing them
I could forsee some problems.

Gotta keep em' away from the cutie pies!

What do you think of my collection?
Oh, btw, I found them at my favorite place ever,
HomeGoods, and they are very reasonably priced!

Let me know if you ever see them out there
or if you know a great place to find pillboxes,
on the cheap, of course.



Shannon said...

This has nothing to do with pill boxes and everything with how adorably preppy your son looks. I'm squeaking looking at his popped collar RL polo style.

Emily said...

Love the idea - I will now be on constant look-out for pill boxes and think of you when I see them :-) I agree though about the glass case, I have double trouble of about the same size at home - they are curious little buggers!