Tuesday, August 7, 2012

My Mudroom-Body & Soul

I don't think there isn't a woman on this planet that wouldn't want
a mud room that looks like this.

Soft colors, no dirt, pretty patterns, no sand,
functional in so many ways, no kids shoes everywhere....
You get my drift.

My mudroom is tiny! So, I have limited options.
 I went with a nice yellow paint that brightened up the small space
and a big a** mirror.  
Do you like big a** mirrors as much as me?
I don't know why anyone wouldn't put 
a big a** mirror in every.single.room of
their house!

Mirror is from HomeGoods...everything else,
I shopped my own house..I move stuff around all of the time.
On the opposite side are some wall hooks for coats
and sweaters, and a key hook for our keys.

Next up, white kitchen table finally!!!

Poor Branmuffin, when he travels for work, 
I got the itch to change things, and shop, and decorate,
and spend.
If you read my FB page you know about the fact that 
I found/stole a table from a dear woman in Elko, Minnesota...

It's from Crate and Barrel and I
bout' fell on the floor when I saw it in person.
Not a nick or a scratch!
Came with 6 sturdy chairs and a leaf
from when I entertain {Ha! I don't entertain}.

U like?  I am now on the search for a nice
new rug, with a great pattern...any places you wanna
suggest besides HomeGoods?  Comment away!

Did you know I like to frame paper

It's cheap, non-committal and easy.
Sounds like a guy's idea of a good date!

Here's the result.

{I'll need to smooth that a bit...}

Oh, I could go on and on...
...blogging might be back fo'reals.

And on a totally different subject,

I heard this woman speak at our church's "Chick Night" on

Her name is Dianne Wilson. Gorgeous!!

She was soooo good, like, change your life good.
Very inspiring about being a woman, being a mom,
being brave and committing to your marriage.

I went and bought her book, "Body & Soul".
{She's a Grandma and recently lost 75 lbs....can you take it?!?!}

I'll let you know what I think when I am done.

Thanks for listening....


modern jane said...

That table is awesome! I like the rug you have there now!

Mary Timmers said...

Love the angle at which you took the poto of the table. And I like your humor too! And I like you! Thanks for posting again-- I miss that part of you. I'll be excited to hear what you think of Dianne's book.

Ashley said...

yeah Love this!! I love your new table and how you have dressed up your mudroom!!

♥ Ashley

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