Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer loves...

The 90 degree days of Summer are already here, and I am ecstatic.
We've been hitting up our neighborhood pool, and let me tell you, 
that is a fine way to pass the day.

Trust me, this is my kind of pool, but ours is
full of every age of children....It's loud and splashy.
Nowhere near that glamorous!
But, it's relaxing and cool.

I was at Target the other day {of course, I should pay rent there} and
found these lip glosses.

The brand is Elf, and they are flavored with peppermint, etc.

I about fell on the air-conditioned floor when the price read $1.
Are you kidding me?  Nothing is a dollar anymore!
So, I bought two.  And after trying them at home,
I might go buy $10 worth!

Subject change:
I don't know about you, but I know what I will be doing on Monday, June 11th!
I will be watching Bethenny Frankel's new show!
 I simply cannot wait.
I love her show, but this is more real time and she will be addressing fun topics.

Plus, I saw some online pics, there was a baby bump.
She's gotta be prego again!

And, I'm happy to announce I am not prego and never will be again!

But, it's been awhile, so I thought I would show you some pics of me
and my kiddos before their end-of-school-year-program.

They did a great job, and as a Mom it's my proudest moment.
My face always hurts from smiling when the program is
over.  Tatum is approaching 5 years, and Turner turned 3 in April.
These ages are really fun...I might even say easy, but then
it could all change by tomorrow morning!

And like I've said a million times before, I'm gonna get better about
blogging! {I promise?}



Mary Timmers said...

YOU DID IT!!!!!! Thank you so much for posting! I was so afraid I'd never hear from you again! Love the pictures of you and your kids. They are getting SO big! Don't stop writing!! Your blog makes my day!

Misty Harper-Anderson said...

LOVE this post! The kiddos are darling...I can hardly believe how big they are.

Sydney said...

Yayy!! I'm with Mary, LOVE it when you post!!! I'm in love with your kids, they are to cute!!! Keep on writing, I'll even come over and take pictures of your kids and stuff so you don't have that excuse!!!