Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Two unbelievable events...in my life

{Image via Tumblr}

I don't know about your house, but at our 
house, sleep is often interrupted and we are up much earlier than
we would like to be, thanks to two kids whose names will go unmentioned.
{Was that the longest, run-on sentence ever?}

Turner has been the main culprit, up between 5:48 and 6:12 am
everyday for over 6 weeks.  I know that's not super
early but it wears on a girl.
Yesterday, he slept until 7:20 am!
I was so thrilled, I made Branmuffin go downstairs, grab
the camera and take a pic of my happiness.

{I think I have 10 pics total of me with my kids,
why do Moms never get in pictures when we do most of the work?}

Another event that had me "on the floor" in surprise?
I took the kids to the Mall of America on a rain
day last week and went to see the alligator there.

Turner thought the alligator was real, of course.
And he almost fell in trying to save me when I pretended
that the alligator was going to bite my hand.

This is unbelievable event #2....
....my child was worried about my well-being!
He was my tough protector!
And you know what?  That felt soooo good.

We spend so much time looking out for our
children, protecting them and caring for their every whim.
It was really nice to have the favor returned.

It's the little things...isn't it?

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Leah said...

GREAT photo of all three of you!

Tember said...

Hooray for "sleeping in"! Every minute counts when you're faced with early early risers, way to go Turner! And so sweet that he was concerned about you. What precious kiddos!