Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Happy Place....

If you are missing me.....

....I am alive...

My new house is in a development that has a pool.

And since it opened, we have been the first people there

We are the biggest pool nerds ever!

So, you may hear from me a little less often....this Momma
is finally getting her relaxation on from a long, Minnesota winter.

I slap on the sunscreen, pack a ton of snacks and water
and we hit the pool hard.  I have two little fishies that 
have learned to love the water and are easily entertained.
To say the least, I am in bliss.....

I haven't had the time to find my perfect swimsuit,
but what could I care?  I have happy, entertained, kiddos that hit
the hay hard at 7 pm, every.single.night.

If you wanna or text, and bring your towels!

You can almost bet, we will be......
at the pool!

Toodles, and I smell a sale and a give-away soon!

So, keep in touch...and seriously, come visit if you are in the area...I would love to catch up!


April said...

Sunshine, a pool, and kids in bed by 7pm ... so jealous!! Enjoy!! :o)

SM Anderson said...

Enjoy. I am jealous! My haven is water also; unfortunately, we don't have a pool but have a great beach close. So...if you are looking to get some sand stuck in that wonderful suit give me a call!

Muffy said...

Ave and I are SOOO coming over!! I think a Tanning contest is in order.... Ready Set Go! :)