Thursday, June 9, 2011

30% OFF Bling Sale

Call your friends.
Forward this link.
Send them an email.
Do whatever it takes to let everyone you know.....
....that Must Have Moxie is having a huge sale!
It's a bling sale.
Bling isn't going's here to stay
as long as we have the Kardashian's and Housewives of whatever

Must Have Moxie has slashed ALL bling by 30%!
And the sale is going for 2 weeks!

Don't you want to add some bling to your newly tanned decolletage?

 My fave is the green razzle dazzle,
wouldn't that look good with the fun summer clothes everyone is sporting?

Or just the basic white razzle dazzle, you could put these on any
necklace you already own....they are marked down to $29.40.
Not bad huh?
Oh, the best part, if you missed out on my earrings last time
they are on sale again!

Check out the whole site so you don't miss any deals and pass it on
to your fave girlfriends!

Toodles....and I appreciate the business so very much!

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