Friday, December 14, 2012

Our only Hope

I've had enough of the crap of this world.
And maybe me getting to this point can help those 
who feel very lost and alone in the news of what happened in Connecticut today.

The individual who killed the innocent children and adults today
had to have some mental problems.  We will never understand
how anyone could do what he did.

He was a broken man.  
We are all broken.
And to God, there are no levels of "brokenness".
We are all sinners.

But, rather than focus on him, the criminal.
Focus on Him, our Savior who is in complete control.
Even when your life is a mess, He will clean it up if you ask.
He's comforting those babies right now.
He can comfort you.

Go rent this movie.
We watched it this 3.5 year old and 5 year old, had lots of questions.
And I was happy to answer them.
Because this movie is truth.  It's not the fibs I have to make up about Santa.
It's our Hope.  It's our Foundation.  It's why there is good news.

Jesus was born to save all of the world.  Me, you and that killer today.
I'm glad we are all hugging our loved ones closer today.
It's better than getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

I plan to keep on building my life around these truths.
And if you need any help from me directing you to these  And

Prayers abound today...



Mary Timmers said...

At a time like this, there's only one solid place to be-- on the Rock that is Jesus.


Tamara Anderson said...

Amen lady! What a crazy world and I feel like I hear about more and more bad/sad things. Gotta keep praying:)