Sunday, December 23, 2012

Office girls deliver!

Have you noticed anything different 
on here?!

My blog has a pretty new look...

This little cutie-pie, is a graphic designer where I work...

....and she hooked me up with a new header.

A header that sparkles....thanks Chelsea!

She's young and talented, and I am
encouraging her to set up a side business or an
Etsy site.

I'll keep you posted if she does!

I'm trying to use the new signature she made me,
but I'm having problems with the placement.
So, if anyone knows how to do that on Blogger's.frustrating.

I thought I would share a couple of additions
in our house.

I found these little mirrors strung on fishing line
at a local store, Patina.

Aren't they fun?
...and very hard to photograph...

I thought they would bring in a fun element to the room.
And some sparkle.  Cuz, I'm all over sparkle.

I think they were using them as Christmas decor
I decided they are cute enough for all year round.

A month or so ago I found a blog post that
shocked me.  Do you know stores like Staples or Office Depot
will print out a huge image in black and white for a tiny cost?

This one is close to 2' x 3'.

 ....I think they charged me under $3.
You just have to bring it in on a USB drive.

 The image got pretty pixelated {is that a word?}.
But, I didn't want it perfect.

I knew I was going to mod podge it onto an
old canvas I had painted over.
I wanted it to look rough and aged.

So it's hanging in my hallway.
The hallway I can't wait to paint.

And this addition is the jackpot!

Another co-worker told me she was selling a couch.
She said it was old but is in excellent condition as
it was always covered.

It belonged to her in-laws and they have pics of her
husband when he was a boy on it!

So, it's officially vintage.
And it officially works in this room.
And they delivered it and charged me $50.

Can you take it?

I've done a dance over this beauty and love that it's
now mine.

Of course, I've got a million ideas for new pillows...


Suzanne--see? this signature needs help!

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Mary Timmers said...

I love how your life and home are always !changing