Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Remember these girls?

The super models of the 90's? 
I was obsessed with them.
Ever since I went to my first fashion show with my friend, Leah, I wanted their life.
To be gorgeous and wear fabulous clothes and travel and live an extravagent life!
The music at the show and their "walks" gave me chills!

I remember hearing one of them say how it isn't easy and how it takes talent to do what they do.

Have you ever seen a model in real life? 
They are pretty easy to spot-- bodyshape-wise.
Looks-wise, they never seem to wear all that
makeup and hair when they aren't "working".

Here's what they look like now on the runways...

 Ish. No thank you.

And here is what is considered a Plus Sized Model today.

 What?  Okay.

This model is in her 50's and I think that's pretty fab.
Look at her rockin' a white bikini.
Luv it.
I'm gonna turn 40 this year.

And I couldn't care less.
I mean I do care.  
But, not about getting old or the number.
I actually like myself more today than 10 years ago.
A lot more.  

But, I'm thinking about it.
Thinking of a celebration and
starting up yoga.

When my friend Annie said she would take
some pics of me in her studio, I jumped at the chance.

It was my chance
to be a model of what 40 looks like....not on 
someone in Hollywood, but a real girl,
living a real life with kids and a hubby and a job
and a house that needs cleaning.all.the.time.

.....sorry, but this is gonna have to be a
to be continued...

Don't yell at me.



Mary Timmers said...

Continued! What? Can't wait!

Leah said...

Remember seeing Brooke Shields in the elevator?!