Sunday, February 3, 2013

C is for Craft

The inspiration from our latest craft came from this image on 
good ole', gotta love it, time-waster Pinterest!

I find our version to be easier and cheaper.

My Mom hosted and everyone brought
girl-food {salads & desserts} and
we crafted.

We used some beads my Mom had on hand.

Some of us brought our own for a theme.

These two finished speedy!

Kip did buttons instead of beads.

Cute and simple.

Here's all of them together at the end!

And the crafty women that made them,
minus Kristine.

This is the easiest craft on the planet.

1. Buy a letter at JoAnn or Hobby Lobby
2. Glue beads or buttons to it with a glue gun.
3. Hang it in your house.

Here's mine via Instagram, {in progress}.

I hung mine at home in my entryway.

I wanna fill up the whole wall....

....something like this.

When I have lots of time, 
which is not now.

{Oh look, I got my signature to work.}

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Mary Timmers said...

So much fun! And easy-- the best!