Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are you Lebanese?

According to Google, this woman looks
to be the poster child for Lebanon.

I'm using it to introduce to you my love
for Lebanese food.

I have loved it since my parents introduced me to it when I was in junior
high school.  It's chock full of garlic and fresh
tomatoes, onions and parsley.

Think Mediterranean and Greek food but better.

All the Lebanese people reading this are 
rolling their eyes, because Lebanese food 
is much more than that and
shouldn't be compared, but I have to give you all an
idea of the flavors, so that you will go check out
my new fave place!

It's located in Burnsville, MN off of Cty Rd 42.

Here's a pic of his gyro sandwich with fries...
Branmuffin usually orders that.

Here's one of my favorites,
The Tabouli salad....luv.luv.luv.

You should check it out.
The prices are uber reasonable too!

We even ordered some of the food to eat on Christmas.

His super creamy hummus and pita bread are off the charts.

If you don't believe me, that article gives good info.

And lastly, I love Byblos so much, 
I made a video.

That's right, I vlogged.

It's so amateur, but I did it in one take.

And please, only focus on Mike and the food!

Toodles....with garlic breath.

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susanmarie said...

Great post! And you're right about the food-- it's delish! Plus, you should be on TV!