Sunday, February 10, 2013

Does your man do it??? Do tell.

I do things.
I do things all over, but I do
a lot around the house.

All women do, so this isn't me asking
for any credit...I learned long ago,
we women

I have to ask, cuz I am uber curious.

Who grocery shops in your house?

If there is a man in your house?

Does he do it solely?

Or do you send him out when you need
a few things?

I do it.
I send him out when I am desperate.
That's the only time.

Hear this:  The reason is
if the man in my house did the grocery
shopping, we would have random items 
in our pantry
and the bill would be 3 times what I usually
spend in a week.

One time, I sent said man out for a pineapple.
I gave him a list, of course.
On it, there was a pineapple.
How can you mess that up?
He came home with jarred pineapple.

Really?  Really?
I didn't even know that jarred
pineapple existed.  Then, when I made the tiniest fuss....
I got the male response "I can't do anything right for you, sheesh
can't you just be happy I went?!".

Why do I bring this up?
Cuz, it's time.
Time for me to make my weekly trip that
is 3 days overdue.

I don't want to, at all.
I would if I could wear my pajamas and slippers
and go with no makeup, but that look doesn't fly
when you get to my age. 

It screams, "She let herself go....tsk, tsk."

So, wanna know what I am gonna do?

Go by myself.

Get really glamorous, go to my local Super Target.
Get either a Starbucks or a fountain Diet Coke and make
a day of it.  I'm gonna go up and down every aisle.
I'm gonna go places I shouldn't, and 
my bill will be $359.67.

I am the woman of the house.
I do the grocery shopping.

{Who has a man that does it?}



Beka said... will save your life!!! ;)

Beth Martinez said...

Sorry Suzanne, I have to agree w/ Brandon on this one. I have learned my lesson there. You to to be very, very specific when sending the hubby to grocery shop. With that said, my husband shops all the time. I hate going. He sticks to the list! & to a budget! I'm a wanderer in the grocery, especially target. I'm always buying something I don't need & spending more money. You ate setting your expectations too high if you don't give him a specific list! Lol

Prickett Puppies said...

I wish I could say that Mr. P did the shopping. I love that man to death, but if he did, we'd have a pantry full of Cheetos and Mt. Dew. Enough said...