Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Miracles and laughs

No, I'm not having another baby.
Remember, I have no home for a baby.
Okay, I have a home, but no uterus.
I just wuv dat face up there and wanna
smooch on it.
You know how you can stare at babies
and they are so perfect and have the softest,
clearest, best skin evah!?
Well, I do that.
Anyhoo...my friend turned me onto this product.
Nerium AD
I had heard about it before from some
of my friends on the west coast and I thought
it seemed like a trend.
My friend that recommended it is pretty fabulous
and I took one look at her and said,
"I'm a sucker for products and if you say I can say
no after trying it for two weeks, I'm in!"
Tons of people are selling this product. 
 I have no time to sell more things, I sell at my day job.
I will recommend it though.
One reason I like it, is less products and steps.
I am a minimalist and this eliminates
many procedures and steps in my regimen.
You wash your face at night and while it is
still damp you put 3 pumps on your face.
It dries, it feel a bit tight and
the next day, you wash it off and go about your
day.  Love. Love one step. Love.
Also love that my skins is clearer and any
red spots have disappeared. I have pretty good skin,
but this clears up every issue...redness, blotching,
wrinkles, sun spots, the whole nine yards.
Okay, I'm gonna stop or you will think it's a commercial.
But, if you wanna try it yourself, let me know and I
will point you towards my glamorous
friend and you can give it a whirl.
Two more things:

Rent this movie, you will laugh your tushy off!
See this movie, again, lots of laughing.

And laughing is good when its -10 degrees,
it's how I cope!

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Tamara Anderson said...

HI Suzanne! Hope you are doing well :) Despite the cold weather!

Will have to check out the movies, and YES that baby is adorable!!!