Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Comfort" Food Season has begun..

We had our first snowfall in Minnesota yesterday!
Brandon was out of town for the entire weekend.
With the snowy weather, and Tatum's asthma acting up
we were kind of home bound.  

Never fear, I have a good girlfriend, Tember who
came over with her 3 kiddos!

Her husband was off hunting, so we needed each 
other to survive being husband-less....and kid full.

And the best part?
She brought everything to make Lefsa...some of the best comfort 
food there is!

She took over my kitchen...which was TOTALLY fine with me,
and I got the kids entertained with some card games and puzzles.

I did my best to capture the event with some pics for you.

It's a pretty tedious process....something I could prolly never sign up
for...but she does it with a smile even if her 
youngest was tugging at her legs.

 She talked about how her parents got her all of the
stuff to make Lefsa as a wedding gift and the recipe
.....isn't that cool?

 All I had to do was spread the butter on each piece and
sprinkle it with sugar....and hand it out as fast
as the kiddos demanded.

 Tatum and Sam worked on a puzzle, and
I have found a future husband for her....he is gonna be
6 this week and he took care of her and
let her win at cards....A LOT.
{He even fills her nebulizer for her when she needed it...
I am so arranging this marriage!}

And I have to add this Turner...
going "you know what" on the potty!

He learned how to do it so fast from watching is big sister and
I can say he's 90% trained without me
doing much more than screaming and jumping 
up and down every time 
he did his thang on the toilet....

So, the season has begun....stuck inside with the urge 
to eat something warm and comforting...I better 
break out the comfy comes the "poundage" this time
of year always seems to bring.

What's your comfort food?
Do you know how to make Lefsa?

Toodles, from me in my comfy pants!


Tember said...

That was a fun day!! And just a little note for you lefse-makers out there...I don't usually use a skillet to make my lefse on but I forgot the plug-in for my griddle. But never say never to Suz, she found a workable (and yummy) solution! :)

Sydney said...

Cute! I LOVE lefse!!! My grandma use to always make it!! Hey, I haven't watched your kids in awhile, and you have a prepaid night, remember? :) Txt me up!!

SM Anderson said...

I Love lefsa. Had some at thanksgiving. I have all the equipment but need someone to help and motivate me. I work the grill great but my rolling is not so good. Let's have a lefsa making party!!!

Alissa said...

Tember's top is so cute. Where is it from? Love, love, love it!

Tember said...

Alissa, I got it at Gap! :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing Mug!

Tinisha said...

I just love the picture of Turner!!! He looks soooo much like Trav here! I love it! I havent met my lil cousins yet but part of me already feels like I have because you are so great at keeping us up to date with the kiddos! Thanks lady!

xoxo Tinisha

Kim Bentz said...

Love the lefse. I've been making it for YEARS. I begin with the leftover mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving dinner and keep on making 'em through New Year's Eve. In my family we don't serve 'em with sugar, we serve 'em with cheese or just plain butter...but either way. They are a favorite of mine.