Monday, January 2, 2012

Ben is a bust, the "blogger" is a mess, I smell grandma?... I love Bachelor!!

Holidays are done-zo.
Christmas decorations are down.
My New Year's resolution is made.

And tonight, the fun began!
The Bachelor 2012!!!
{What a reason to get back to blogging!}

If you don't plan on watching, you should.
I don't have a good reason not to watch.
If anything, it's something to talk about with your gal pals!

Here are some thoughts on Episode #1. are eww...Gosh, I hope you grow on me.
Ben, if you don't grow on me, I don't care....watching these women
is better than any movie I would have to pay almost $10 for.

I would totally do the "walkbywithnowords" the 
blonde girl pulled....super smooth!

Did you notice the girls must have had at least 3 cocktails before
they started interviewing any of them on camera?
I love their slurred words, messy hair, and rubbed off lipgloss.

If you got a spot on the Bachelor would you really put your "girls" out
on the first night or wait till a hot tub scene?

The woman who is the "Blogger" bawling all of the time,'s her deal?
{At the same time, I am glad he kept the drama girls!}

Ben claps in a really odd way.

Notice how most of the girls are in medical and pharma sales..
Coinkydink?....such an insult to this former pharma sales girl....

Can't wait till next Monday!
{All of your random thoughts are so welcomed :)}


Mary Timmers said...

Fast shooting and clever-- welcome back Baby Girl!!

Kristen said...


Jenna, the blogger, needs to get it together. The girls were a pain, but seriously, she kept on crying!

I often ask myself why I watch it, but it is entertaining!

Sydney said...

Hahaha!! This is so funny!! Love the randomness of it all! Haha Glad you are back and STAY back! I love reading your blog!