Sunday, November 6, 2011

Put a sock in it!

 Oh, my goodness!
I'm kind of dying....
I found the best secret, it's not a huge secret, 
but I really wish someone would have told me
about this, months {okay years} ago....

Of course, it took me spending time on
the beloved Pinterest to find it.

Have you heard of the sock bun?

I just did last nite while bouncing
around on Pinterest because my hibernation mode has started.

I have a love/hate relationship with my hair.

I'm growing it, and I wanna chop it!
However, Branmuffin and my hair gal are all "No! don't do it, you'll regret it!"
But, I really have realized,
I'm low maintenance, and I need something to get me 
through the days of "I hate you so much, HAIR".

The sock bun...I saw it on Pinterest, I went to 
church this morning and saw a gal with one in 
and marched up to her and said " that's a sock bun isn't it?"
she looked shocked, then she glowed, winked, and straight up 
gave me a tutorial.

I put the kiddos to bed, grabbed an old
sock with a hole in the toes {who doesn't have those?}
and now I am sporting a sock bun while 
watching my DVR'd shows.

It feels so good, it was easy, and now
I'm flipping glamorous, and you will
probably see me in this every darn day.

So, put a sock in your hair.

And if you were clueless like me....hit up You Tube.

They have millions of videos on how to do it,

I'm smitten, and I have a sock in my hair!!!!!!!!


Ashley said...

OMG!!! Suzanne. I love this!! Thank you so much for sharing, this is so much easier than how I do my "sock" buns. I have been doing mine without the sock and rolling my hair in sections and securing with bobby pins for 10 years!! THANK YOU!!

♥ Ashley

Shelley said...

I basically screamed up the stairs the other day when I saw this on Pinterest thinking, "finally!!! no more inbetween, crummy hair days!!!" Major let down. My hair is an inch (AN INCH!!!!) too short for this to work. Ugh... so sad. Yours look fabulous, and I'm secretly hating on you for it :D

Erin said...

Maisie my ten year old is very excited about the sock bun. She watched the video several times and has high hopes for school tomorrow.