Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Interview with a guest of the Kim Kardashian wedding...yes, you read that right!

I hope you aren't tired of the footage and numerous reports covering the 
Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding.

Because I have the inside scoop from an actual 
person who attended the wedding!

Is your mouth wide open and have you fallen on the floor?
{Breathe...breathe, otherwise you won't be able to read 
the deets.  Deep breath...ahhhh....}

I'm not that cool, I just have a knack for connecting with
people and using my connections to bring you 
the important information here at So Stinkin' Cute.
In fact, I have a friend in New York who is supposed
to be using her phone to snap random pictures of 
celebs for me...she hasn't reported in yet.

Ahem, who cares about random celebs in NY.
I have the scoop on the biggest wedding since
Kate Middleton walked down the aisle.

And while I am on the subject, any celebrity
info that you get on your own, text or email it to me, 
preferrably with pictures...mmkay?

A lot of this info may or may not be shared when the wedding airs
on the E! channel in October.
If it is shared it will be proven that my info and inside scoop
is top notch and you will be even more impressed with
this lil' blog.

Enough of the buildup...here is my interview,
think of me as more Chelsea Handler than Barbara Walters.

How was the weather at the ceremony/reception?  Were  you sweatin'?  
No - it was a beautiful day 
Was Kris Humphries sweatin' when Kim walked down the aisle?
He was a little nervous but also excited.  They hadn't seen each other before the ceremony. 
Did they serve a signature drink at the reception?
No - surprisingly not a lot of drinking.  Mostly just champagne. 
What was the best food you ate overall?
Pasta & cake.  The chicken and potatoes were boring.  Food wasn't as great as many people are saying. 
I know you had to wear black or white, did anyone break the rules?
No - I heard they had some extra dresses for anyone who didn't wear black and white.  Lara Spencer (newscaster, GMA) got red wine spilled all over her white dress and was given a new dress.  That dress was a bit too tight so another woman traded dresses with her.  Stevie Wonder's wife split the side of her dress so she and Lara made a new seam out of pins.  (All per GMA) 
Which celebrity looked the worst?  Which one surprised you the most and why?
Lindsay and Dina Lohan.  Both had really bad hair color (too white).  Pippa definitely looked better in the green version of the dress and Lindsay.  

How late did you stay?  And...was the dance floor packed?
Until about 1:00.  The dance floor was packed but not by the celebrity guests.  They pretty much just kept to themselves and left earlier than other guests.  

Any other details you just have to add.....
Surprised that they had all long tables for dinner.  They were like a normal wedding couple...walked around to greet all guests.  Kris and Kim did their first dance right when they were announced as husband and wife at the reception - then everyone started dancing then as they were waiting for their food to be served.  Fun to have the Krispy Kream donuts in the car after the wedding.  Kim was not around much - too many change of clothes!  Only inappropriate moment was when Khloe and Kourtney (more so Khloe) was giving their toasts and told the audience to "Shake their t*ts".    

Pastor Brad Johnson (Kardashian family friend) did the prayer at the meal.  He has an interesting story.  He was once one of the most prominent pastors in a huge church in LA (Calvary Community Church).  Some scandal broke out (extramarital affair) and that led to the end of his 28 year marriage as well as being forced to leave Calvary.  He went to work at a Starbucks that Kris Jenner frequents.  She started talking to him and found out about his story and they became friends.  She helped him find his faith again and helped him open a new church in LA.  Kris married Brad and his new wife, Karen, as recently seen on "Keeping up with the Kardashians".  

{Kris Humphries is a native Minnesotan. So there have been tons of reports of the couple being spotted all over the Twin Cities and out on our lakes. And yes, a local pastor from Westwood Church performed the ceremony.} 
Here is a pic from my interviewee's cell phone of
Pastor Joel and his beautiful wife.

All cell phones were confiscated at the entry after they
went through metal detectors.

Ugh, it's tough work giving the hard facts on celebrities!


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