Saturday, August 20, 2011

Some changes 'round here....

It was a monumental week at our home.
I went back to work after 4 years of being "home"
with my babies....however, I never stayed home much, we
were always on the go, playdates, going to the park, 
hitting up Target, that's the kind of stuff we would do.

I am happy that I didn't miss a thing in my kids life,
but I wasn't happy with it all of the time.  Some stages were
better than others...overall it was tough.  My kids are 19 months apart.
But, I know there are a million Moms out there who have it tougher.
Everything that's worthwhile
in life is usually not easy, right?  

Here's a pic of our first day...

I am in a sales role for a software company.
My job is to sell a social marketing tool.
I am supposed to be on Facebook and any social 
marketing tool, all day long.
It fits my personality perfectly,
needless to say...I am in love!  
I was thinking I could blog about the whole experience..
you know working vs. working out of the home.
But, it's a bit controversial and I feel there are less choices
on the matter in this day...let me know if you want to know my 
thoughts, I could create a "series" on the subject.

I will always give my shoutouts to stay-at-home Moms,
not because it's the "better" choice, its
I know, I did it for 4 years.
My biggest shout out will be to Branmuffin, he has truly
embraced his new roles of juggling the schedules, and
making us a better team than we ever were.  He even
does Tatum's hair...I think he has mastered a braid!

Overall, I will compartmentalize my time much better than I
did before.  When I am with my family/kids, I am with them.
I am soaking up every second with them and 
making it "special" and I didn't do that very well before.  
I had things to get done or things I wanted for myself.

I became an Auntie again, sweet little Piper was born
in a fast and furious way and we couldn't wait
to see her sweetness....

...newborns are so sweet and tiny and I can't
wait to see who this girl is gonna be!
Welcome to this crazy world, Piper.
You are already so loved, and I happen to know
you have the best parents and big sister, ever!

We also hit the Pepperfest parade this weekend, 
which is now becoming quite a tradition!

The kids just can't believe that a place exists 
where people throw candy at you!

If you ever need something to do on the cheap.
Take your kids to a parade, their happiness is

Turner spent his time flirting with the parade princesses...
it could have been because he popped
his collar and his Daddy did his hair that
morning too!

And it wouldn't be "So Stinkin' Cute" around here
if I didn't recommend a product I am in love with!

A good friend wears this and I always caught myself
leaning in to smell her.

Kai Perfume

It's so fab, I simply can't take it!
They offer a whole group of products,
and I can see it always being on my list of things
I can't get enough of.
Clean and fresh and I got it at, its a bit 
hard to find in stores.

Toodles...stay with me, I have more
to juggle, but I will never give up the blog!



Loved your blog tonight as I am watching the Vikings kick some Seahawks feathers.... Thanks for catching me up with The Cartmill Family.

Juliet Mock said...

SOOO know what you mean about the juggling schedules! I think being a stay at home mom is a much harder job! I praise those who do it each and every day!