Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Annie Torrini Photography

Since Brandon and I recently had our own private photo shoot,
I decided to forgo the family pictures and go
with a shoot for the kiddos only.

I have never done an "urban" setting
and was excited to give that look a try.

I think the urban setting forces you to focus on the "pretty"
in the picture, your eye doesn't get distracted
by nature's beauty.

For this, I chose Annie Torrini Photography,
and my goodness did she deliver the look I was
looking for.

Feast your eyes, of course, I think they are just
the biggest cutie pies, but that's cuz they are mine.

Doesn't Annie do a great job?

Oh, and you should witness her while she works,
she was jumping all around, making funny faces and noises
and I just kept out of the way....maybe that's why
the pictures turned out so darn good!

Annie told me she likes to do urban photography, 
she had the ideas of where to go.  
It ended up that we just hopped out of the car in downtown Saint Paul.

Thanks Annie, for capturing my kiddos' personality!
Can you tell that Tatum has a sassy attitude and 
that Turner is the world's biggest flirt?!?!



KB77 Design said...

Those are really good! Turner is a stud! And Tatum is so cute!

Elizabeth Benfield said...

your kids are too cute!

Be Inspired said...