Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Updates

Ahhhh summer.....how I love thee!
However, I sure am busy, are you too?

My mother-in-law was here for 8 days....

....spoiling us rotten!  We got 4 date nights, and
the kiddos got to stay up late, eat all the cookies they 
wanted, and I got new curtains!!

My house like a lot of other houses in this development
have long, short windows that are tough to find 
coverings for.  

I told Betty what I wanted and she delivered....

Sorry for the picture quality....it's almost impossible to
photograph them with all the light the window brings in.

The hot pink, pom-pom edging is so ME!

Also, I got a new piece for my collection.

The blue starfish...thanks Daddy, see him in the picture in the background?
He went and bought it for me after reading my blog!

I love him.

Next up...I made some new pillow covers.
Out with the old....

....in with the new.....

....I had those pillows for over two years and 
my kiddos did a number on them.  
And when Brandon naps on the couch he sleeps on my
decorative pillows....so annoying, makes them all scrunchy and boy-smelling.
Does your man do that?  

Lastly, I get a bit crazy with spray paint now and 
then.......here are some of the damages....

and now...

...and these two...the bowl was black and 
the tray was nasty from a garage sale....

 My Mom found me this mirror at a garage sale.
It was $7.... I am using
it for a vanity area for my jewelry
and perfume....what do you think?

Told you I've been busy!  What do you think
of all my bargains and lil' improvements?

Happy Summer!



Sydney said...

Great post! I am lovin those curtains! They ARE so stinkin cute!(: Ans that pillow with the black on it..... ADORABLE!!


Great Blog... I do have to say I love the curtians. Thanks for the kudos...
Love the new pillow covers too. If I had a man in my life I am sure he would nap on them too.
Thanks for sharing the curtians with all your blog followers. Anyone int he neighborhood who needs curtians for those hard to fit windows just contact So Stinkin Cute she can hook you up with an amazing person who can make you some.

Ally said...

Hi Suzanne! I just found your blog by doing a Google search for "spray paint nozzle". I was writing in my thrifting blog about my first spray paint experience and I am really wishing I had found your blog before I began. Your bowl and "bag" have inspired me to be on the lookout for pieces with spray paint potential. I am really enjoying reading your diy's and blog! So glad I found you :)


lhoffman said...

LOVE THEM! I talk to you often and you've been holding out on me! Gorgeous!

jacy said...

Love your fabrics. The colorful new one is fabric I saw and was so close to buying, but didn't know what for. I want to fabric shop with you? Also want you to come redo my house :) XO