Monday, July 25, 2011

Smelly Fruit?

I'm just gonna be really honest right now.

Have you, as a woman, shopped for deodorant lately?
I went to Target to get a new tube of deodorant last week
and found all of the packaging of my favorite "Secret" has
changed...I have other deodorants I may use.  But, overall
they all have new packaging and new scents.

The new scents include names like.... 
Cherry Mischief, Dive In Daisy, Powder Fresh,
it goes on and on.  

And while I certainly don't know what you wear, do you really
want to smell like Pears or Cherries when you sweat or get a whiff of
your deodorant?

I don't.  
I purchased a couple brands in a couple
of fragrances.
I am usually okay with a baby powder smell.
That smells girly enough, right?
I can't find it...everything has a fruity edge.

So, I went out on a limb and got this:

...and laugh if you want, but I smell
like a clean bar of soap.  Like I stepped out of the shower.
I may go as far as to say, I smell like a clean man.
And I like it.

Enough of fou-fou, fruity smelling crap under my
arms...and when I sweat this summer, I smell clean.

I had a little soiree this weekend with some of my
girlies...and I forgot to take pics of the food, fun, 
nails and girl time, I did get pictures of me
telling them I have switched to men's deodorant.

My honesty and and willingness to let them smell
me, took them a bit by surprise....

Isn't that what girl's nite is for?

Rant over.


what freshness do you have under there?

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Tamara Nicole said...

ha ha this was funny! I love Secret's fruity scents, but sometimes I do swipe on my hubby's, it just works better!