Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I've got young talent in my vote about it, please?

We are still on "holiday" in this house.
I've got Branmuffin's Momma and brother staying here
and we are having a blast!

We go to the pool and sun our buns, nap with the kiddos, and
eat great food!  And when we aren't outside, we
shop ...the kind of shopping that you do'

So, my brother-in-law is only 17 years old.  But his job is to 
keep me hip, tell me what's up in this world,
and take photos of me and our house...cuz he's crazy good at it.  Oh and 
re-design my blog header.  He nerds out on the computer
all for me....and I like it.  I pay him in food, Arizona Iced Tea, and
Mountain Dew...then I take him to 
the hippest stores.  Quite a deal, right?

That picture up top is not of he is:

I don't know what he is gonna be when he "grows up" 
but he has a passion for photography, graphic arts,
computers, and I personally think he could go anywhere.

He took some pics of me and the family and I am 
gonna use them for my site and my blog....I need an update.

Will you be my little sweethearts and vote for which pic you like best?

Picture #1:

or Picture #2:

Pick one in the comments....I am revamping my website and blog and 
need some opinions.  You guys have to be just as opinionated as me!?!?

Isn't he talented?  Don't you love hanging out with young
people that have the world at their fingertips?

Toodles....I promise to get better about blogging, 
it's summer and just so darn busy.


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Anonymous said...

I like number two a lot. Number one kind of looks like you smelled something funny.

Colleen Davis said...

#2 is my vote - but you're so stinkin' cute either way!!!

Beth said...

Definitely #2. I love the first comment...hahahaha, it does kinda look like that :)

SM Anderson said...

I vote for 2. U look awesome in both my friend.

Natalie said...

I think I like #2 better :) Super cute! :)

Alissa said...

Due to your signature fabric (chevron) I've got to go with the rest of the ladies and say 2. Beautiful pics!

aheroff2512 said...

Number 2 for sure!! :) love it!!

Cary said...

I love #2.... it makes you look comfortable, like a true friend!

Be Inspired said...

I love the blog makeover! Your new pic is beautiful!!