Friday, May 20, 2011

Ramona of RHONYC

Whenever I think my life is tough,
I watch any particular Housewives' show on Bravo and
I'm good.  Cuz, I know that lots of money, plastic surgery, and
gorg clothes is not making them normal or making me want to be 
like them!

Did you guys see Ramona last night?
What a hot mess!  And now I am gonna be
glued to whatever is going to happen with all of them
in Morocco.  
Seriously....what did I do before the Bravo channel?

Ahem...done with that rant.
Who won my CosmoWhite give-away?

Carol@TheDesignPages said...
I'm a happy follower! Hope you had a fabulous birthday:)
Congrats Carol!  Send your mailing address to me
at and I will mail it out ASAP!

Make sure you tell all of your friends about your winnings!

Lastly, my sale is still going strong....go take a peak,




Going to go take a peak at those must have earrings. Wait I have a pair, so girls what are you waiting for? Get on over to Must Have Moxie and and hook your ears up with some of that must have "BLING".

Carol@TheDesignPages said...

Is there anything better than being a winner? I think not! I am so excited to be the winner and can't wait to try this. Looking forward to my hot white teeth for the summer:)

Misty, Future Fit Mom said...

Thanks for adding the link to those earrings!

And...I 100% agree! I LOVE the the RHONJ. They always remind me that it is not money or posessions that make happiness.

Summer said...

I get almost giddy when ANY housewives show is about to come on!!! =) Jimmy doesn't quite get it, but that's okay, because you do.