Monday, May 9, 2011

Laundry Day is Everyday

I had a great Mother's Day....
....the kids made me homemade cards with Daddy's help
....Branmuffin worked on a project I wanted done yesterday and he
cleaned up the house and didn't let me lift a finger
....I spent time with family eating great salads, one of
my favorite past-times
.....I took a nap
.....I took a shower and no one bugged me
.....and I got away all day on Saturday.

Yep, I needed it.  
Sometimes life gets to us, and it has gotten to this
girl I got away.
I sat in the sun and soaked it in.
I ate without interruption.
I had girl talk with a dear friend.
I shopped.
I did not clean or do laundry.

Now that's my definition of a kick-butt Mother's Day!

Now, back to laundry....

I used to love doing laundry.

I loved watching it go from a big, dirty pile.
To clothing that was carefully folded, clean, and fresh.

I used to do it once a week when we had one kid.
Then I switched to Mondays and Thursdays.
And now, it seems I do it everyday.

 Does anyone else have a kid who insists on
changing his/her outfit at least 5 times a day?

{Images via Tumblr}

Maybe I need to put windows and fresh flowers in my
laundry room.....hmmm..

 Tell me your laundry complaints/solutions....or is this boring?


Beth said...

I HATE doing laundry. I would rather clean toilets! Our kids don't change outfits multiple times a day, but everything they wear gets dirty, so that means 3 dirty outfits everyday, plus Dave's nasty work out clothes....365 days a year! I do laundry once a week, no specific days ( I wish I were as organized as you!) but doing it once a week, means like 5 loads at a time, YUCK! I am with ya, maybe a beautiful laundry room like that one would an extra set of washing machines :)

Simply Kelly said...

My secret to laundry is to do it twice a week-- the same two days every week. I try to make it fun- like while watching a movie or cooking dinner- so I don't feel like I'm waiting for it to be finished. I LOVED the last picture of the laundry room-- a room like that could motivate me to do it more frequently :-).

modern jane said...

I have not children and I hate laundry.. mostly putting it away! It gets worse?? argh... :)

Cary said...

I dream of being really rich so I can have a maid who will do my laundry, then put it away. Oh and she could wash my sheets everyday and make my bed. Really I could do everything else!


I do not mind washing the clothes. Putting them in the dryer and folding everything. But I do not like doing is put it all away and life is too short to fold underwear and socks.."