Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The longest blog update ever in the history of SSC

Did you think I had died?
I know...I know...this blog is dusty and unkempt.

Wanna know where I have been??

I have been allllllll over Pinterest!  That little time-sucker is the good stuff.
......and like the rest of world, I love it!

I chopped my hair off....7 inches of it.
I just had had enough of the work, the length, 
and finding yards of it in my shower drain.
I made an entire board of what I wanted it to 
be transformed to and said "Chop it and don't 
worry!  It's hair, it'll grow back.."

Oh, I lost my job :(

So, searching for the right job takes time and
is priority numero uno after my family.

And the good news is...I got a new one!
I start on Monday....I will be selling stuff again.
It's what I's what I know best.
Only the product changes, and this is a good one!
{Feel free to send cute outfit ideas like you see above.} wanna know about Branmuffin?
I am taking his cute lil' butt to Mexico soon.!

I am on a search for the perfect swimsuit and 
coverup...together they can't "break the bank".

Here's what I like...

 ...all found on Pinterest, of course.  

I can't make the jump to a one-piece yet, though.
I'm not going to be chasing my kids....I will
be lounging, with a cocktail, with an umbrella in it and a good book.
...and making-out with my husband.
So, I'm searching for the perfect bandeau-top bikini.
{No strap-lines...}

Any ideas welcome to wear to get a
good swimsuit?!?!  

What else?

Oh, I hate Ben on the Bachelor...and I think that what's-her-face-Courtney
 is a plant to make the show somewhat interesting.

And...he needs to

I have two more days of freedom before I am back to work full-time.
I've been spoiling my kiddos with Mommy days and special outings and treats. 

But, today I went to see a friend's photography studio.
It's got great lighting and features, an old building with the coolest details.

 Next to her studio is an amazing
antique shop....I was in heaven with all the stuff they had.

 {Like this bench for my entryway, so I posed on it and got
the dimensions.}

This one gives you a better idea of her talent and my shorter hair.

I told her...."Next time, I'll do more to myself, especially throw on
some more jewelry if you're gonna be snapping!".

If you want to see her work and her studio, 
you should just call her.  Her work speaks for itself.

And lastly, my Mom started a blog.

It's pretty fab...check it out here!

 The writing is fabulous, and it showcases a ton of her 
talents and her wit....check it out!

Toodles...hoping I can do this more often, I miss it!


Sydney said...

Love it! The picture of you on the bench is so cute! Haha. Mexico??? Take me with!!! That will be so much fun just the two of you!

Sydney said...

And just to finish my post because I guess blogger thought I had wrote enough, congrats on your job! I knew you'd find one :) I'll keep the look out for cute outfits and suits! :)

SM Anderson said...

LOVE the hair!!!! Have a blast on the beach. U deserve it. Where is your new job?

Mary Timmers said...

SO good to see you in print again! I missed your wit and wisdom too. Love your new pic. You look very COMFORTABLE and PERSONABLE. And thanks to for the shout out to my blog. People need to go there to see what they've been missing! Love you, Baby Girl.

Jen Zick said...

Woot-hoo on the job! And me getting to see you at the office! :)

April said...

I am addicted to Pinterest, too. I joined the cult, er, club! Love your cute new cut! I am still on the fence about chopping my locks - it has been years!!