Monday, February 27, 2012

2012 Oscar Opinions

I only was able to watch the pre-shows.

I will be short and sweet on what I think.

My only disclaimer is this...

If, I don't mention someone's outfit it's cuz I have
nothing nice to say, and my Momma taught me to 
keep my mouth shut if I don't have nice things to say
about others....regardless of the fact that I think if you 
put yourself on t.v. you are kinda askin' for it.

Let's get it started.

Love...don't understand why you were there, 
but, I like your look girl.

You knocked it outta the park, and you
are my #1 for this.

I don't like your bugs and I am 
glad someone else made fun of it besides me.
{Eat some pizza, puh-lease.}

Beautiful...loved the color, loved your role!

Fantastic..great fit and sparkle!
Go girl!

L.O.V.E....a lot!

Take off the cape and you are perfection!
Branmuffin says you are his new fave and I 
WANT that cuff!

Sandra?!?! My BFF, I don't know
about the dress...and you looked like you got
pumped up with Botox and fillers!  Why??? the dress and I heard you
got a good hair vote, but I hated it.

Oops, am I starting to break my rule about nice talk?

I saw the "nip slip"!  
Ask my guests of the evening!  I pointed it out and
knowing J-Lo, she did that on purpose!!

And lastly....

She makes me wanna buy a lot of navy., tell me what you think!


Mary Timmers said...

I agree with you about J Lo. She would do it on purpose. My favorites of the night were Gwenyth Paltrow and Tina Faye. Simple and elegant and so classy! Oh, and since I'm your mom, I guess I can't rip on anyone either. There were a few, though. I'm so biting my tongue!

Mary Timmers said...

I need to make another comment about the Oscars. Meryl Streep is a wonderfully talented actress. She more than earned her Oscar for Sophie's Choice. But I think this time the Award should have gone to Rooney Mara. If you've read the books and seen the movie, you know what a demanding role she had to play. It was physically demanding, but emotionally and intellectually. Her character of Lisbeth Selander was so off the charts damaged and broken, that it took an EXCEPTIONAL bit of acting to pull it off. And she did! So there's my VOTE!

Sydney said...

I don't really know what to say about Angelina. There are some pics of her that remind me of the evil witch on Mermaid but with one leg. Beside that fact, cute dress. I also LOVE the white dress (minus the cape) that you said is Brandon's knew fav. Im not sure if I like Sandra Bullock's dress, but I LOVE her!

Beth Martinez said...

Don't know half these red carpet folks. You said you would be nice, haha, I'll tell ya how it is. The little Michelle person, please grow some hair. Angelina, love the dress. Red high collar girl, I don't know what's worse, the dress or your lisp. She gets on my nerves. Gweneth, I agree lose the cape, love the cuff. OMG Sandra, WTH??? I don't know where to begin, UGLY!!! JLO, hate the dress, love you & who cares if a little brown was showing. I don't think it was on purpose, but it's sure the talk of the town!!! Most elegant......Gweneth has my vote!!!