Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Best of Everything

I have been noticing the trend of stacking
bracelets....mixing up a bunch,
different styles, different know
making it all messy and effortless!

My parents have been in Florida for the month,
and my Mom called me from there, all frantic one Saturday morning.

She was out of breath and unsteady..... took me 30 seconds to figure out why.

She was at the store, The Best of Everything.

We don't have them here, but they are all over Florida
and I don't know wherever else.  It's chock full of jewelry and
accessories and that's it! 

She wanted to know what colors and what stuff
I "needed" for Spring.  I ended up sending her an email
with links and ideas...cuz I've got a lot of stuff I "need".

Well, this is what she found.....

And, that's just a few...'s everything she found for me....

and here is Moi, in my own little version
of heaven.....

...I won't ever wear it all at the same time,
...but you can bet I will wear at least 3 or 4 at a time!

The best gift really is, that my parents are home safe and sound.
{well...its really that they signed up to watch our kids
when we are in Mexico...}

Have you checked out her blog yet?
It's almost as good as all the jewelry she bought me.

Have you ever been/bought at Best of Everything?
Do tell...



Sydney said...

Lucky girl!!! Gorgeous jewelry!!! I need your mom! Haha :) Cute cute!

Leah said...

Sophia and I LOVE the Best of Everything! We have left Geoff and the boys outside for LONG periods of time while we shopped until we dropped. You'll have to check it out yourself someday!

Sophie said...


Mary Timmers said...

Actually there aren't that many Best of Everything stores around. A few in FLA and one in Kinnebunkport, Maine. But it is heaven, and you do need to go there and I'm sure you will one day! It's a gold mine and a great marketing ploy. Thanks too for linking my blog, girl!

April said...

I have never heard of that place, but from the looks of the fun accessories your mom got you, I'd say that place is fabulous!! Stacking is such a fun look!!