Friday, November 1, 2013

Mucus, Boots, & TCMB

I'm eating my kids Halloween candy as I 
type.  They are off to school
and it's my house, so I claim it.

My little ones headed out the door after 
a minor meltdown from Tatum.
She wanted to add wings,a wand, and a crown.
I guess she was a disco/fairy girl.

I'm finding lots of amusement in the
drawings my daughter does daily in my
home office as we have special time before
we head to the bus stop.

It's funny, cuz I don't think I really
clean that much...but I do like to wear stripes!

I had to travel for work this week.
Every time my husband and I go to leave, our kids
ask if we will bring them back a
present...usually we buy them each a pack of
gum.  It's easy and relatively cheap.

I don't know why I got creative and picked this up,
but I would NEVER recommend buying this
sort of toy.  Unless you want to find bowls of "mucus"
 in random places in your home.

Woola, my search for brown riding boots is
complete...if you are on a search, I would highly 
recommend these. Very comfy, great color and
I was okay with the money as I hope to 
wear these for years!
{Wide calf makes for a very tough search.}

Certainly not least,
I recently became co-founder of the 
Twin Cities Moms Blog community.

What is it?  What does that mean?
It's a website that becomes a community of sorts.
We are developing a team of contributors that
will write from all different sorts of Mom's 
perspectives.  You name the subject and
we hope to cover it.  Also, we will
post about cool new products or
activities locally for the family.

We will even have Moms Night Out too,
with wine....

So, if you live in MN, go
to our Facebook Page and "like" us.
We plan on introducing our team soon!



Ashley said...

kids look great!!

Happy Halloween!

Mary Timmers said...

Sounds like a great idea! I 'll keep thinking of contributors.