Monday, March 11, 2013


It's finally time.
Time to tend to the other two baffrooms in my
house that are begging for a paint job.

Though they will have two totally
different looks...
Branmuffin still scratches his 
head and his face says 


So, I threw him a bone and
added some elements that will make it
a little more manly.

He likes it when I go that route,
it's as if he got the green light to go
fishing for two weeks.

I can't wait.
And the best part is,
I will be gone when they do the work.

Here are some hints to the kids bathroom....

Come on now, you didn't think
I was gonna do a ducky or
frog theme did you?

Totes luv stripes---"totes" comes from
Pitch Perfect and if you haven't seen just won't get me for the next 6 
months, cuz that's part of my new lingo.

My bathroom.
And when I say mine, I mean it.

I have kicked my kids toys off of the edge
of my soaking tub and their
gummed up toothbrushes and kiddy toothpaste too!
It's been 5 years and I want to get ready in
peace without stepping on a barbie doll or
knocking over a remote control car.
Get out!

And let this in....

Pale pink, glamour, and 
Branmuffin gets his way----black cabinetry.

Of course, I will update you.

Anyone ready for Spring?
I waited till March till I complained.

Also, keep my Mom in your prayers.
and if you wanna know why you
can visit her blog...
it's another thing on my list of things I 
find to be So Stinkin' Cute.


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