Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maybe its a decor failure?!?!! U be the judge.

See the fabulous antlers on the wall?

They have been quite the trend in home decor for the last year.

I've seen them everywhere, but just didn't want to spend $100 or 
more for such a trend.  I asked every man that hunts
to give me their antlers....they didn't want to 
give them up...something about "being proud of their kill".  

I also couldn't wait another winter or hunting season for
someone to find some in the woods for me either.

I no longer have to search!
I found some antlers at the Junk Bonanza a few weeks ago.

They weren't mounted and I figured, I could make
my own antler mount and save some cash.

So, I bought a wooden mount at none other than
JoAnn Fabrics for a mere $3....then I enlisted my
handy Dad to drill them into the mount.

{Yes, my daughter wears princess garb all day, everyday and she
doesn't care if her shoes match.}

Then I brought that bad boy home and painted it and hung
it on the wall.

Brandon laughed at it.
He made fun of it.
In fact, he did it so much, it bugged me.big time.

But, I am not budging.

I am happy that this DIY cost me {well, him too} $19.

What's the problem?

I realized I bought two right antlers.

So, it doesn't really look like the glamorous pictures above.

And when I came home the next day, I found this on
one of the pictures on the wall.....

Funny, huh?
Yeah, real.funny..

So, what do you think?
You like them antlers?

Vote on the poll on the right sidebar.

And, just so you know, I am okay
if you vote that you hate them, cuz it would be my
first failure in my opinion, and I will rehang the
antlers in Branmuffin's closet!

I did find this rug at TJ Maxx, Home Goods.

It's replacing the old IKEA rug in our entry...
and if you really want to know?!
It's two rugs sewed together!
My Mom told me she had seen that done before on HGTV.
She sewed it for me {yay!}....I bought the rugs,
the heavy duty upholstery thread, and the needles!

Can't go wrong with that DIY!

Vote....I really want to know if you like my antlers!



Ashley said...

In the first picture, the "Trophy" antlers was the first thing I noticed. It has been hard for me to try to get on this trend. I like just unsure if it would work in my home. SO funny though, I just posted about antlers on my blog yesterday. Great minds think alike!!

♥ Ashley

Beth said...

Okay, since you asked, here's my opinion. I think they would be better with a few improvements.
1. Deer antlers grow towards each other not outwardly like these, can you rotate them?
2. Maybe if you spray paint the whole thing white, antlers and wood mount. That's how the Suzanne Kasler ones look at Ballard Design.
3. I think you need at least 3 mounts, with that one being so little.

Very clever idea to make your own though. I just saw a bunch of them mounted on the wall at Blvd. That place has amazing interior design! Have you seen the horse print in there? I want it!!!

Tamara Nicole said...

Ok first I love that your parents are so helpful!!! Love it:-)

I think it is actually pretty cute, honest.

Lace said...

Maybe it's been a while since i've clicked in and i've just been following along in the reader... but lady, i love what you've got goin' on with your blog design over here!

& I lol'd at your husbands speech bubble :) Too funny.

KB77 Design said...

Send Brandon out to kill a wild beast then put that up, the baby antlers are weak. :)

Sydney said...

Love that rug(s)!! Is that right out of your grarge??? Cute! I'm not a big fan of the antlers personally.. Like I love that idea but idk.. Maybe paint the antler part? Maybe that totally defeats the purpose, I'm not sure. Ever sense my uncle put up all of his 'prized animals' all over his basement walls, I've hated anything animal so maybe you should just ignore my opinion! Haha